Custom Template Pricing

With a custom template package, we design and build a custom template for your brokerage that all agents can use or for those agents who have their own branding identity. With a custom template, you can be sure that nobody else's sites will look like yours! The pricing is as follows:

Design & Buildout & Implementation: $1500
Price per site: $50 (Includes on year hosting)

Public Template Pricing

The public template let's you have a beautifully designed website that would normally cost about $2000 in design and buildout costs. There will be more public site templates added as well to choose from in the near future. You can see a sample of the public template called "Supersized" which is also mobile friendly! A custom user interface makes it easy to use and customize, colors, fonts, photos, details, downloadable files, and keywords and description for search engines to gobble up. 

Price per site: $50 (Includes one year hosting)