How We Started

Buddy Quaid, FounderI originally founded in 2003 to provide cutting edge web-development for financial institutions, real estate firms and a variety of other industries.  Our development of micro-sites began when the Austin real estate firm, Gottesman Residential, came to us asking for a new and innovative way to showcase their high-end properties online. 
While some agents had previously used other templated sites, they needed a micro-site look that reflected the quality of the million dollar homes they were advertising.  The result was a fully customized system that allowed each property an individual website that was active within 24 hours.
Our sites are elegant, built-to-suit and designed to sell your properties while upholding your company's image.  The cost to get up an running is affordable and set up so each listing can be showcased with a Tangerinefiles Micro-site.  Give us a call today so you can get started!